A Gathering of the Sons is a faith-based initiative designed to Educate, Encourage, and Equip Men of all nationalities to Embrace their position as true sons of God in order to be Empowered as Men and Fathers.  As men are strengthened they will be in a position to better lead their families and serve in their various vocations, churches, civic groups, and communities at large.

The conference is facilitated by Minister William Brown, Jr. and is held annually. This is the 7th year for our Men’s Conference which has been held in various locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania and are looking forward to the conference traveling to other regions.  We have witnessed men worshipping God in a deeper way, fathers and sons reconciled, and men recommitting their lives to God.   Wives have testified that their spouses came home changed after the conference and we give God all of the glory.

  • Empower Men
  • Networking
  • Evangelism




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